Wednesday, September 2, 2020


        Oddly enough, I was all prepared this evening to write yet another post about me not posting; a silly little tongue and cheek thing with a couple fun pages and some harsh words on the terrible play of the Mets during this pandemic-shortened season. But now tragedy has struck as one of the greats, THE great for the Mets, The Franchise has passed on.  I hope he is now at peace.  

RIP George Thomas Seaver 1944-2020

I am at a loss for words so I will let these 41 scans from my collection speak for me.  Look at the amazing stats, look at the perfect form and drive.  There was no one better. No one.



Just to make sure you are still with me here, this next scan features an autograph with an awesome story, it's one of my favorite things that I have ever written not just on this blog but ever.  Click here in case you've never read it, I recommend highly that you do.

Maybe someday I will revisit these cards under happier circumstances.

Friday, July 24, 2020

The New Normal: Opening Day.

       Today is opening day!  *looks at calendar* Holy shit! It's July 24th.  Like most things these days, things are a little different.  They are going to start playing baseball today amidst this pandemic and they are going to do it with slightly different rules and a very different atmosphere.  Since we can't go out the the old ballgame today (but we can watch on TV) let's breakdown what you might see and what you definitely won't see. 

Famous people throwing out the first pitch:

Yes!  Last night during the Nationals opener, Dr. Anthony Fauci threw out the first pitch, and while it wasn't exactly a strike, I like to think he has more important things to be focusing on right now.  With any luck, the people in charge might even start listening.

Topps needs to bring these back, I always liked these cards.




Mascots: Nope.

The stadiums will be empty and the large costumed buffoonery will have to be on hold for a while.  If you want to dress up in the privacy of your own home, I am certainly not going to judge. UPDATE: I may have been misinformed about this one...

Cardboard cut-out fans:

Yes!  Real fans will not be in the ballpark but most teams (including my Mets) have put up cardboard cutout fans behind home plate and around the stadium.  On TV, it looks like an old computer game with the graphics turned to simple - I can only imagine what it looks like to the players.  They also pipe in crowd noise, which is strange to say the least.  Whoever has been on the button for the cheers and boos needs to be a little faster on the draw, at least from what I saw on SNY last weekend.  Maybe they'll have the bugs worked out by tonight.

Exuberant celebrations: No way.

The players are under orders to socially distance as much as possible.  This means they sit wide in the dugout and the reserves have been sitting in the stands.  Also, no spitting, no high fives, and definitely no walk-off dog pile insanity.  I went to a baseball game and a golf match broke out!

Overpriced delicious fatty foods:

Only if you make them at home.  I am ordering the old ballpark staple Chinese food this afternoon to watch the Mets.  Like I said, this is a very different world we live in.  "Buy me some peanuts and crab rangoon!"

Players going all out to win:

Absolutely.  This 60 game season is, antithetical to baseball history for 150+ years, a sprint and not a marathon.  Also, 16 teams will make the playoffs with some very short opening round series.  I like to think the players are rested and the ones who have chosen to play are coming to win.  This season is going to count, these games are for real; the world is all asunder but better late than never, it's time to Play Ball!