Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"Henry Aaron
 photo aaron01_zps9896bb1a.jpg
in the second inning
 photo aaron06_zpsc674b242.jpg
walked and scored.
 photo aaron12_zps9acb6d44.jpg
He’s sittin’ on 714.
 photo aaron09_zpse2bce747.jpg
Here’s the pitch by Downing.
 photo aaron05_zps8da02b6b.jpg
 photo aaron13_zps6e00a046.jpg
There’s a drive into left-center field!
 photo aaron03_zpsbfa3c8ae.jpg
That ball is gonna be
 photo aaron10_zps18876905.jpg
Outta here!
 photo aaron11_zps91bd686b.jpg
It’s gone!
 photo aaron04_zps2b7d813a.jpg
It’s 715!
 photo aaron02_zps7e18ba4c.jpg
There’s a new home run champion of all time
 photo aaron08_zpsb44fad6c.jpg
and it’s Henry Aaron!"
 photo aaron07_zps19e92af1.jpg
Milo Hamilton, April 8, 1974


Mark Aubrey said...

Wonderful look back.

jacobmrley said...

One of the best calls of all time, IMHO.