Monday, March 31, 2014

Too Much To Ask.

       The Mets suck.  They have sucked for five plus years.  I know they are going to suck again this year.  But it's opening day and while maybe the Mets suck the other 161 games of the year, at least we all know they own opening day.  So what do I come home early from work to find?  The Mets bullpen acting like human gas cans, walking the park, and giving up more bombs than the Manhattan Project.  I am depressed.
Scroll down and read my post from Saturday, it is much happier than this.   I will try and regroup tomorrow during the off day since the Mets have my misery in mid-season form.


Stubby said...

I've been a Mets fan since '62. I prefer the Mets to suck on opening day. Historically, if the Mets win on opening day, they are going to suck and suck badly all year long. When they lose on opening day....there's hope. Just sayin'. It's not ironclad, but winning on opening day is just a set up for a long hard fall. They lost opening day in '69. They lost opening day in '84 (the year they turned it around), they lost opening day in 2000. They won opening day in '73, but they really did suck that year and just got lucky at the end. In '86, of course, they were invincible and they did win on opening day. They've won on opening day four of the last five years and haven't been close to .500 at year's end. I always prefer they lose on opening day. Just sayin'.

Fuji said...

There's still 161 games to be played ;-) Best of luck on your season... unless of course you're playing the Padres or A's.