Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Wright Decision.

The following headlines were also considered for this post:

  • Do the Wright Thing.
  • Mr. Wright.
  • Wright and Wrong.
  • Might makes Wright.

Having a couple of names myself that lend themselves to puns and mockery, I can sympathize with poor David, who I am sure has heard all of these and dozens more based upon his last name.

       Anyway, the real reason for all this is that the Mets, yes, my New York Mets actually loosened the purse strings for half a minute and paid market rate for a player in his prime.  I know! I am as shocked as you are.  After watching player after player, year after year, decade after decade, walk away from the Mets, David Wright here has a chance to become a rare thing indeed: a lifetime Met.  The Mets drafted him, he came up through the system, and hopefully in eight years he will own all of their records and be thought of in the same realm as a George Brett in KC or a Robin Yount in Milwaukee.  The two best things about this announcement are a) I don't have to put my #5 jersey in the back of the closet like I have had to with so so many others (Darryl Strawberry and Jose Reyes come to mind immediately) and b) I do not have to reorganize my Mets binder to phase out yet another superstar.  David has earned the right to be at the head of the binder and with any luck, he may very well earn one of his own like a few other favorites have (Gary Carter and Mike Piazza). 

Here now in celebration are the nine complete pages I have of the new Mr. Met, David Wright:









Now I am just waiting to see how they screw up the R.A. Dickey situation.  But for one evening at least, I am a very pleased and satisfied Mets fan. 


Classon Ave said...

That's the first I've seen his Archives done in the '84 design.

The '84 Straw is one of my all-time favorite cards, so I think I'm conditioned to like Mets done in that design.

Cory said...

Wright on! And on! And on!

I have given most of my Cubs cards to my nephews, so you might have more Wrights than I have Cubs cards.

John Hazen said...

wow and I thought I collected David Wright. Okay so you have some that I don't. :D

jacobmrley said...

Well, sadly (or perhaps wonderfully), this is really only what I scanned for this post. I have much much more.