Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chrome Is Where The Heart Is.

       People use the term "house-bound agoraphobe" so loosely these days.  One would think while one has been kind of cooped up in the house for a month (by choice) that one would have all sorts of time to blog about his hobby.  Yup, you would sure think that, wouldn't you?

Anyway, I have these packs to open this evening...
 photo chrome3_zps63c0e0d0.jpg
One would think I made a trek to Target to get these - but one would be wrong - I nabbed these off of Listia.  Didn't you even read the opening sentence to this post?

I have quite the love affair going with Chrome; it is one of the few brands I have a complete run of pages for.  Here you can see the page that has been devised from these packs:
 photo tc14-9_zps453db8f7.jpg
Some great facial expressions going on here, though I am not sure that is what Chrome does best.  Also some very colorful uniforms, which pop off the chrome even better than you can see in the scan. 

So of course I keep nine cards for my page, what else is gonna stay?  Well, funny you should ask...
 photo tc14-keep_zpsd0a6c6d5.jpg
I pulled three of the Rookie Cup cards, which is always a plus.  I got one (1) base Mets card, Wilmer Flores, who more and more does not look like shortstop of the future.  The one X-Fractor I got was Raphael Montero, which makes this a more than successful pack ripping for Mets rookies.  Also there are some cards I have put aside for other bloggers, though I already found out the Dodgers are not needed, so those are up for grabs.  

You are supposed to get a refractor in every two packs, so let's see if I came out ahead:
 photo tc14-r5_zps78f9b604.jpg
With the x-fractor above, I came out way ahead.  In terms of players, meh.  Any and all of these five are up for trade if you want them. 

The bonus to these packs are the three orange refractors included.  This means I have nine, a perfect page maker, if I so choose:
 photo tc14o9_zps6fe14636.jpg
The orange works better with some teams than other but I think it looks great with Mets players.  Plus, that photo of Curtis Granderson is 1000x better than the one they plastered on the base set.  And I must say, pulling Mike Trout and Jose Fernandez in the same pack was quite nifty.

And to pull the old Gilligan's Island Theme on you, here's the rest:
 photo tc14_zps447448d6.jpg
Derek Jeter and Stephen Strausburg might thrill some, but not me.  There are a dozen other players here that I have no use for.  If you do, feel free to drop me a line and we can work out a deal.  I am gonna go hide under the covers and wait for football to start for real tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in a bunch of cards. Please email me at

Fuji said...

Opened my first pack of Chrome yesterday. A buddy of mine hooked me up with it. I was totally surprised to see that Topps only puts four cards in their regular hobby packs of Chrome. Made me start thinking if I've ever purchased a pack of Chrome on my own. If I did... I'm sure I would have been taking back by find only four cards. Looks like your value packs are the way to go. You got some nice cards.

jacobmrley said...

@Fuji - Chrome has always had only 4 or so cards a pack. These value packs were 3 packs, 4 cards each. I guess it is to keep it "super premium" fewer cards makes it feel special.

Fuji said...

Been collecting a long, long, long time... and never knew that. I own a ton of Chrome cards... and even a few sets. But I guess I've never actually opened any Chrome packs. Always a first for everything.