Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Entry in the The $5- Challenge.

       The First Rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club (everyone knows that).  A well known rule of card blogging is that Thorzul Will Rule.  I have never met the proprietor of that site, but I have a feeling we would get along swimmingly.  His blog is celebratory, caustic, assertive, random, Milwaukee-obsessed, and awesome - all things I strive to be in this place, except for the Milwaukee part.  Yesterday, Thorzul dropped a homework assignment on us...The $5.00 Challenge.  You'll have to click through to get all the particulars, but the gist is to go to eBay, search the baseball cards, and buy the very first one you can for $5 or less. 

This is my card:

Not the best card I could have hoped for, but certainly not the worst.  It had a bin price of $7.99 and an opening bid of $2.99, which is what I won it for.  With $2 shipping, that makes a tidy $4.99 - practically perfect in every way.

This was my initial search:

I wonder if that dude would have taken a BO of $5 for that '54 Spahn?

Anyway, I suggest highly getting your space monkey ass over to Thorzul's blog and joining in on the fun. 

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