Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Credit to the Name.

       Earlier this week, Max Scherzer threw one of the most efficient and unbelievable games in major league history.  No, seriously.  He gave up a single hit in the seventh inning and struck out 16 while walking only one.  That works out to an even 100 game score.  There have only been 12 9-inning games with a triple digit game score.  Earlier this evening, Max turned around and did himself one better, but somehow, in a worse way.
 photo max2_zpscc5034uc.jpg
Scherzer retired the first 26 Pirates that he faced and then while throwing to number 27, the batter kinda leaned into an inside pitch and went on his merry way to first base (and thank goodness Jose Tabata didn't pull a Reggie Sanders).  Perfect game gone, but by retiring the next batter, Max got his no hitter.  I have been trying hard to come up with a nickname for this painful occurrence.  The Plunkic Game?  The Beano-Hitter?  Honestly, none of them roll off the tongue.  What Scherzer did has only been done one other time in baseball history - only the immortal Hooks Wiltse set down 26 in a row only to bean the 27th then finish off the game as a no-hitter.  Perhaps what Scherzer did was Pull a Wiltse?  What Scherzer really did is come as close as anyone not named R.A. Dickey to matching Johnny Vander Meer's famous feat.
 photo max1_zpsbhple0qe.jpg
Because of his very tasteful first name, I have collected Max Scherzer cards since he came up in 2008.  I am thrilled he got his no-hitter, even though the win knocks my very inconsistent Mets out of first place (for now).  I will continue to root for him, as long as he counts for the only Nationals win out of every 5 games.  The Mets might come out on top if the Nats can play .200 ball the rest of the way.  


Nathan Bell said...

Great collection, the the bowman chrome RC is awesome.

Thanks for digging up the video of Pedro Martinez. Wonder if it was intentional... he truly was a hot head.

night owl said...

Max Scherzer always reminds me of the Dinged Corners blog. And then I get sad.