Friday, March 30, 2012

Joy of a Completed Page (or two).

       Someone reads my wantlists! Someone reads my wantlists! I mean, some of you have emailed me saying "nice collection" or "hey! let's trade" but I got some cards in the mail today directly off of my want list.  The system works!

       The package came from old reliable, Night Owl.  This was one of our smaller swaps, as I had sent him a few random Dodgers cards I had found to test a new envelope system.  He reciprocated by sending me a few current Mets (always appreciated) and the following:

Joy of a Completed Page #1 2011 Topps Heritage.
He sent eight different cards, but I only needed four. The Ramos, Baily, Konerko, and King Felix found their spots and this page is done.  I now have a page representing every year of Topps Heritage from the beginning.  I built the entire 2001 and 2002 sets back in the day, but sold them long ago.  Those short prints were a real pain in the ass and, from what I have read, they continue to be.  I find this method far more relaxing.  The other ones he sent, Matt Kemp, Whitey Ford, Jon Lester, and Ryan Braun, will all find spots in their respective player collections as I had gaps in each page.  And dig that Konerko card, I believe he is staring into my soul...

Joy of a Completed Page #2 1983 Donruss.
This page is nearly 30 years in the making.  Well, to be more precise, about six weeks.  When I decided to organize some of my more basic binders by manufacturer rather than strictly by year, I noticed that I had all the Donruss sets of the 80's represented except for 1982 and 1983.  Most of my cards from this era had long been consolidated (most with extreme prejudice) so I scrambled around to find nine to properly fill the pages.  I only found seven of each.  Enter Greg.  He sent me a pair of '83s, Steve Garvey and George Foster.  I made an executive decision and brought over the Howard Johnson from the Mets binder and replaced him with the Foster.  Now Hojo and Eddie Murray will be in a staring contest for all eternity.

Night Owl also sent over a 2009 Topps Denard Span from my Rookie All Star list, thus completing my 2009 rookie cup needs.  You made my night last night - if only you were a curvy redhead - thanks Greg!


Captain Canuck said...


I love getting wantlist packages...

night owl said...

Curvy redheads can't read want lists.

I know from experience.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

I, too, love completing a page. That is until I realize that I've forgotten a card and have to move 100 cards one slot over one by one just to get the forgotten card in its proper place.