Sunday, September 30, 2012

Football Week 4: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

       I had a very long, tiresome week.  It was punctuated by a Friday night so weird that I should write a screenplay about it someday.  All of this odd activity kept me from posting and for that I will apologize.  Today, Sunday, is the day of rest and it is my first day in seven to actually relax.   

To keep up with my once-a-week pigskin subject, I will post one of my favorite pages in my football books (I have several pages like this in my baseball collection).  It features famous superstar players in what can only be described in the "wrong" jersey. 
Ronnie Lott on the Jets?  John Unitas on the Chargers?  O.J. Simpson on the 49ers?  This page is like some kind of bizarro photo negative.  What's fun is, you can look at this page and quickly name the correct team right away and most of the pictures make you say "he played for that team?!? When?!?" 

I will gear up for some regular posts this week as the baseball season winds down and the playoffs rev up. 

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Mark Kaz said...

That Archie Manning card is awesome!