Sunday, October 7, 2012

Football Week 5: Road Trip!

       The glorious autumn weekend finds me in Indiana for a wedding, and, since I'm about halfway there anyway, driving down to New Orleans for this evening's Saints-Chargers game to utilize the family's season tickets. 

This will be my first live game of the season and with any luck, it will bring good fortune to the Saints since the first 4 games of the season have gone about as poorly as they could have without the team bus driving off a cliff.  I will be up in section 610 screaming our boys on (as though they could hear me from such a distance) and drinking to excess to either drown my sorrows or celebrate our first victory.  And, as an added bonus, I might see a little esoteric history if Drew Brees throws a touchdown, since that will be his 48th straight game with a TD pass; that will best Johnny Unitas' 50-something year old record in that regard...take that Joe DiMaggio!

Oh, and please go read this post; it is probably the best thing I have written on this blog.  Who Dat!

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