Thursday, June 13, 2013

Favorites: 2011 Topps American Pie #141 MTV Means Music All Day.

Thank god this card exists:

This card has everything you want in a modern non-sport card:

Coked up Nina Blackwood. Check.

Sardonic Frank Zappa in what looks to be a toga or perhaps a thawb. Check.

Nostalgic write up of how MTV used to be. check.

Complete disconnect between photo and write up. Check.

Cool 80's graphics. Check.

It's a pity MTV came around about 10-12 years too late. By 1981, Frank Zappa was an angry bitter man, jaded by the music business and the tastes of the American people.  If MTV were around in 1968, Frank Zappa could have taken over the world one weird song and video at a time.  I think the look on his face proves he knew this to be true.

Early Zappa:

Very early Zappa:

Frank Zappa died young and Rod Stewart is still alive?  There is no cosmic justice.

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