Monday, September 30, 2013

Football '13 Week 4: Thank God It's Monday.

       I worked 12 hours today.  Needless to say, I am exhausted; Mondays can be so cruel.  I have showered, put on my pajamas and laid down on my couch.  I truly believe the goal of any work day, no matter what your profession, is to be able to appropriately take off your pants.  Plus, I get the rare treat this evening of being able to watch my Saints on Monday Night Football.  This makes today much much better.
 photo mnf9_zpsa4a5e08b.jpg
I have no idea where I got that page of cards, but they are pretty cool.  They are the usual raised embossed Action Packed kind of cards.  These get extra cool bonus points for being all gold and shiny.

I am too tired to write a coherent post, so let's just look at some Drew Brees cards:
 photo brees1_zpsb868b318.jpg
Oh, my mother is in the Superdome this evening, part of her usual autumn sojourn down to New Orleans.   Lucky her.  She called me half an hour ago to taunt me.
 photo brees2_zps12732f46.jpg
These are some pretty random cards and I am in no condition to try and make sense of them.
 photo brees3_zpsf4d5dd53.jpg
This page features Dan Marino, legendary quarterback of the Saints opponent tonight, the Miami Dolphins.  Both teams are undefeated and playing very well - some would say over their head.  Hopefully, the sound and fury of the 'dome on Monday night will make the Dolphins drown.  Wow. That mixed metaphor went nowhere.  I think I will order some dinner and just watch the game before I murder the English language in cold blood.

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