Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Pains.

or, The Failure Files: Daisuke Matsuzaka.

       I know where we are in the Mets season, I am fully aware of it.  We are in the "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" portion - lots of rookies and reclamation projects. So when I heard the Mets were going to give Daisuke Matsuzaka a shot a couple weeks ago, I was like "hey, what do we have to lose?" Well, I'll tell you what...about 12 hours of my life I will never get back and every last ounce of my sanity watching him pitch both deliberately and horribly.
 photo dicek2_zps71470088.jpg
I don't often speculate in prospects and rookie cards, but I will admit, it was my own failure in buying into Dice-K mania.  I didn't buy any crazy 1/1 ultra rare butt swatches or anything, but I did hoard his cards for a while.  I now wouldn't put them in my bicycle spokes for fear of slowing the damn thing down too much and making it crash and burn.
 photo dicek1_zps03e818b8.jpg
I once kind of offhandedly dismissed poor Dice-K and felt kinda bad about it, really.  Now?  If I ever see him pitch again for the Mets, I will go on the kind of rampage that will make the headlines on several continents.  This is what happens when you pitch three starts to a 10.95 ERA, and believe me, that does not even begin to say how terrible his pitching has been.  Is there anyway to luck into an 11 ERA? Well, ol' Dice-K has done it (at least we didn't pay $51 million for the privilege).  *sigh* It's all so depressing.  At least my fantasy football draft is tonight.

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Fuji said...

It looks like he's done... which is a shame, because I've always wanted him to bounce back. I too have a handful of his rookie cards and inserts. My favorite is definitely the 2007 Topps with Japanese writing.

Good luck in your draft tonight.