Friday, November 15, 2013

Award Winners '13.

       For the first time in a long while, I agree with all four choices for the major two awards.  It seems once a year for the last few years, there has a been a WHAAAAA?!?!? selection (Buster Posey over Ryan Braun?  Ryan Braun over Matt Kemp?  Josh Hamilton over Miguel Cabrera or Robinson Cano?). 

Miguel Cabrera, 2013 AL MVP.
 photo a2_zps7ca614be.jpg
This makes back to back MVPs for Miggy.  By my count, he should have four.

Andrew McCutchen, 2013 NL MVP.
 photo a4_zps153017f2.jpg
I just heard a St. Louis writer on MLB Network trying to justify his vote for Yadier Molina and then going on to say he is not a homer.  I don't think you understand the meaning of that word if you don't think that applies to you.

Max Scherzer, 2013 AL Cy Young.
 photo a1_zps71116289.jpg
I originally collected this dude because of his very tasteful name, now look! I have a page of a Cy Young award winner.

Clayton Kershaw.  2013 NL Cy Young.
 photo a3_zpsdf748373.jpg
I need to work on my page of this guy.  Maybe you can help?

Oh and these are the Rookie of the Year winners.
 photo a5_zps7a5f6cf1.jpg
I obviously don't have pages of these guys because, you know, rookies.

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night owl said...

I'm sure I've got 5 Kershaws I can spare.