Sunday, December 22, 2013

Football '13 Week 16: A Passing Record.

       This afternoon Peyton Manning set the all time single season record for passing touchdowns with his 51st.  He did this in his 15th game of the season which means he could add to this total before the regular season ends.
 photo 4YK_zpscde61e45.jpg
Peyton Manning: Center square, er, rectangle.

Sure, this is quite an impressive accomplishment to add to his resume (for a second time, even) but let's analyze the last few seasons in which the TD record had been broken...

1963: YA Tittle, 36 touchdowns.
 photo ya_zpsb864b9e0.jpg
Y.A. Tittle: middle right

Team result: Lost NFL Championship game. 

1984: Dan Marino, 48 touchdowns.
 photo marino_zps0075fa12.jpg
Team result: Lost Super Bowl.

2004: Peyton Manning, 49 touchdowns.
 photo pmc_zpsd320a419.jpg
Team result: lost AFC Championship game.

2007: Tom Brady, 50 touchdowns.
 photo brady_zps9201fea9.jpg
Team result: lost Super Bowl.

I see a very inauspicious pattern here.  You have to go back to 1961 and George Blanda to the last time a quarterback set the touchdown record and won a title - and he did it in the AFL.  To get to the last time an NFL quarterback did it, you need to go back two years further to 1959 and John Unitas.  So cherish your new record Peyton because your playoff history and the last 50 years of NFL history shows that it might be all you get this year.

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Robert said...

definitely food for thought when picking a super bowl winner this year...