Friday, December 6, 2013


or Sign of the Times?

        The Seattle Mariners(!) have signed Robinson Cano to a ten year $240 million dollar contract. 
 photo cano_zps1fcc0919.jpg
So lemme get this straight, Seattle, a 31-year old Cano is worth a quarter of a billion dollars over a decade but not too long ago a 26-year old Alex Rodriguez wasn't?
 photo arod-m9_zps1e4fe474.jpg
and let's just forget about his love of PEDs for the moment...he was pretty good in 2000.

As a bitter Mets fan, I have two words for Seattle: Roberto Alomar...
 photo ralo_zpsb40d476a.jpg
Alomar had arguably his best year at 31, another brilliant year at 33...and was absolutely done at 35.  A cautionary tale that is certainly a little food for thought.  In the grand scheme of things, I think the Yankees made the right choice backing off and letting Seattle take all the risks this one.


Speaking of "Grand" and the Yankees - coming soon! the Mets sign a good free agent that fills a desperate need at market price - and it isn't April Fools Day! 

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