Monday, January 6, 2014

Football '13 Week 18: Wild Card.

       A couple of times this year, I posted very early on Sunday morning going on and on about how the Saints were going to destroy that week's opponent.  That was a poor choice of blurbs as both times the Saints ingloriously lost on the road to lesser foes.  So I learned my lesson for the playoffs and decided to hold off any pregame braggadocio and let the games take their course.  This course of action worked well as the Saints beat the (hated) Eagles in Philadelphia for the first road playoff victory in team history.  Sticking it to the awful Philly fans was just a bonus. 

In celebration of the Wild Card victory, let's look at a couple of player pages with a different player stuck in as a, um, wild card.
 photo s3_zpsc4522a45.jpg
Here is a page of Superstar Jimmy Graham with a Chrome Kenny Stills rookie card in the lower right.  Stills showed great promise as a fifth round pick this year. 

This is a page of unsung receiver Marques Colston.
 photo s2_zpsf6107289.jpg
There are some great inserts on this page and in the lower right, a rookie card of Nick Toon.  Sadly, Nick got hurt before last season and has not returned.  I am rooting for him not just because he is the son of Jets great Al Toon but because he has one of the great simple wonderful names in recent memory.

OK, that whole idea is a little silly, so let's just look at some cards instead.  I grabbed the first two fancy cards on top of my Saints pile and scanned them for your enjoyment.
 photo s5_zpsdf7ac2b5.jpg
The first one is a manu-patch of Drew Brees from the Super Bowl season.  Those last two things way overcome that first one.  The second is a great autographed patch rookie card of Kenny Stills.  I believe that swatch is from the '8' from the TV numbers on the shoulder.  That or Kenny is a much smaller guy than we are lead to believe.

Oh, and look, a team set.  I always liked this design and Topps used it across the sports that year.  I think it actually works better for football than it did for baseball.
 photo s10a_zps999760be.jpg
In case you were wondering, these are from 2010 Topps...
 photo s10b_zpse3a83bda.jpg
...and we all know what happened that year...
 photo s10_zps42366d02.jpg
Next stop Seattle.  Revenge is a dish best served piping hot.


arpsmith said...

I am rooting for your Saints and hoping for one more game at Candlestick for my beloved 49ers!

Hackenbush said...

I'll be pulling for the Saints as well. And I'm relieved that the Packers lost. Though I have to admit I do love the Discount Daa-ble check! commercials.