Friday, July 18, 2014

Mail Call to End All Mail Calls.

       I was down in PA for a little over two weeks dog sitting for my brother and when I returned to Starting Nine World Headquarters, look at the pile of correspondence that was waiting for me:
 photo no1_zpsa3c42ba0.jpg
The baseball coffee mug on the right is to show scale.  Literally, this is a mountain of mail waiting for me.  I know I like to order stuff from Listia, but it appears I went a little overboard lately.
 photo no2_zps63a5c5ca.jpg
This pile alone came mostly in plain white envelopes from fellow Listians for the grand total of zero dollars. 

This pile is from ebay:
 photo no4_zps2e645268.jpg
Funny how most of these came in padded jiffy packs.  Nice how people actually take time and effort when there is actual money involved.  Well, mostly. 

My favorite of the bunch?  The 5 Mr. Turkey Baseball Greats cards complete with the notebook that was available. 
 photo no3_zpsf22e241b.jpg
That's an oddball's oddball. 

Plus, I won not one but two contests recently (not shown...yet), and of course there is some trade stuff in there too.
 photo nom1_zpsca0a99a0.jpg
These Ballpark Fun cards come from Night Owl, who put nine of these aside for me after he opened like six(!) blasters of last year's Opening Day.  I think this might be the first pure reader page ever built. 

He included a few other Mets and a lament that he didn't send more.  Trust me, that page alone is worth it, not to mention the Rusty Staub mini.  Thanks, Greg.
 photo nom2_zps356121ed.jpg
I am going to sit here and watch the late West Coast Mets game and try to sort through all these cards.  Needless to say, I have only scratched the surface of what I had waiting for me.  The weekend will write itself.


Daniel Wilson said...

Wow! That's an awesome pile of mail!

night owl said...

You make me want to return to Listia. But I don't think I have the patience for it anymore.