Tuesday, July 29, 2014


     Last week my best friend asked me if I wanted to accompany him and his wife to this evening's Mets game.  I eagerly took him up on the offer since the Mets have been playing halfway decent baseball of late.
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Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes

We pre-gamed at a local pub by them in Astoria and made our way out to Citifield via the 7 train.  And look, I was in my Seaver Jersey by the Seaver gate.  It would seem to be kismet.

 photo CAM00711_zpsd0bb6891.jpg

And lemme tell you, you couldn't ask for a better night for a ball game.  It was 73 degrees with no humidity and nice light breeze coming off the bay.  The weather was beautiful...and by far the highlight of the game.

 photo CAM00713_zpsdab4270b.jpg

I should have known when they scored seven runs on Monday that it was their entire week's allotment and that there was no way they would get around to scoring that many again.  I predicted they would be three hit.  I was wrong, they were seven hit.  The Phillies hit a couple of solo home runs early so the game was close for a while.  Then Chase Utley, my best friend's wife's favorite player, hit a grand slam.  Did I mention she is a huge Phillies fan?  Yeah.

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I think this picture says the proverbial thousand words about how I feel about this awful game.   At least it didn't rain.

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