Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

       Sorry I have been scarce the last few weeks, I have been trying this crazy new thing called "having a life" and "going outside to enjoy the lovely weather" - crazy, I know.  Anyway, this thing has been going around the internet like a plague so I thought I would share mine...

I already give to Team Gleason but there are many other good ALS charities out there, and even Curt Schilling's charity is decent since he isn't making video games through them.  As with any charity, just look in to who you are giving to and make sure as much of your donation is going to research as possible.  Awareness is lovely, but all the pink in the world never cured anything.  Proper money for research does.
 photo gehrig_zps5baaef62.jpg
Don't feel like dumping a bucket of ice water on your head?  That's fine, as long as you give to charity who am I to judge?  And if donating to find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease isn't your speed, that's fine too.  There are a million other charities to give to.  Remember, if you go to bed healthy in a house with clean running water after a hot meal you paid for with money from your job, you are doing better than most of the world.  Giving back what you can is not hard. 


Mark Kaz said...

Haha! You get points for originality, that's for sure!

Robert said...

That might be the best ice bucket challenge I've seen yet.

I think I'll do a variation on that tonight myself.

jacobmrley said...

The thing is, Patrick Stewart posted a similar thing on Friday. Jean-Luc Picard ripped me off!