Friday, April 6, 2012

Piety and Charity.

       It is Good Friday and Passover, so I will celebrate with a double dose of blasphemy by eating nothing but bacon-wrapped steaks all weekend.

But to make up for it, I will remind you I have a charity auction up on eBay with one day left.  If you are a New Jersey Devils fan or know someone who is, spread the word and give to a good cause, The Red Cross.
I will be tied up with the joys of family for the next few days, but I promise I will get back to the joys of baseball card pages soon.  Can't wait that long?  OK, fine...
While I may have mocked faith in an above paragraph, Roberto Clemente was a man of god and gave his life trying to help people.  This makes him far more than a ballplayer in most people's eyes.  This beauty is my 1956 Clemente.  I was way ahead of the curve on Clemente.  It seems the late 90's brought all the Clemente worship and card craze out in people, but I was on the Roberto bandwagon way before then.  I bought all his early cards at shows in the late 80's and did not pay an arm and a leg for them.  Sadly, I sold my 1955 Clemente rookie about eight years ago when it was the choice of cardboard or rent.  I kept my '56, though, as I always preferred it to the '55 anyway.  I will probably be clutching this card while living in a refrigerator box, because I am not selling it.  Ever. 

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Hackenbush said...

Bacon wrapped steak sounds good!