Sunday, September 14, 2014

Football '14 Week 2: Uniformity.

       Last week, the Saints lost a heart breaker in overtime to the hated Falcons.  Most people would find blame for the loss in the red zone interception Drew Brees threw in the second half or perhaps the crushing fumble in overtime by Marques Colston.  My mother, however, found all the blame to be with the fact that I didn't wear my game jersey. 

This, of course, is the gamer: a white 3X #9 Drew Brees Saints model 2011.  I only had my Sir Saints tee shirt on, so obviously, it is all my fault the Saints are 0-1.

 photo brees-c_zpse0876965.jpg

Since most of you come for the cards, here is Drew wearing a similar jersey.  Mine, sadly, does not have the nifty captain's C patch. 

If I feel like mixing it up, I also have this baby:

A retro #8 Archie Manning.  I like wearing this to live games, it gets the best comments.

 photo archie-auto_zpsfbb661e9.jpg

The only real issue with it is that it is not a throwback, like you see in this gorgeous autographed card.  I love the Saints throwback jerseys and the old school gold color and all the stripes.  Modern football sleeves are so boring. 

I recently acquired this one as well:

This is a 2010 #88 Jeremy Shockey.  Shockey was a polarizing figure with the Giants, but he was a good solider with the Saints and even caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl.  When the opportunity to pick this up for $17 came, I took it without thinking twice.  Eventually, it will be a dandy throwback.  

My next jersey purchase will definitely be of a different tight end:
 photo graham-camo_zps994117c0.jpg
I think Jimmy Graham will sign a long term deal with the team and therefore, his black #80 will be a good addition to the wardrobe. 

We have to go to the back of the closet to find my last black gamer:
You will notice the Mets jerseys are already in the closet...

Yes, I do wear those shirts into public, why do you ask...

My #25 Reggie Bush was a prized possession for a long time. 

This badboy was a second skin for games for five years.  I bought this right after he was the second pick in the draft in 2006.  Sadly, business is business and he has played with Miami and now Detroit since 2011. 

Wow, Max, you own a lot of Saints jerseys.  You haven't seen nothing yet.  This is just the laundry pile...

I wore the short sleeve Sir Saint last week; this week is a little more chilly, so I could go with the long sleeve:

Sadly, that is faux-vintage.  I could go with vintage-vintage, this shirt is pretty old:

I could go hard core vintage-vintage.  I bought this in a thrift shop in LA, so I have no idea how old it is.

I could also go new swag:

I got this at a game last year from a booth run my the lottery commission.  You bought $20 worth of tickets and they gave you a bunch of Saints stuff.  My inner gambler and lover of free stuff couldn't resist.  Of course, I think I won $2 on the tickets, so really, this shirt cost me $18.  So I guess it isn't swag at all...

I also have one tee shirt jersey, you probably have seen it before if you read the blog:

This is my Steve Gleason #37.  It also has a faux-vintage look to it.

Of course, there is my absolute favorite t-shirt:

When the Saints won the Super Bowl, the first thing I did Monday morning was go online and order these for myself, my mother, and anyone else in the family who wanted one.  I had them delivered overnight so I was wearing this on the Tuesday after they won.  I try not to think of how much this shirt actually cost, but really, it is priceless.

It is Sunday, so the choice to remain in my pajamas is there, and believe me, it will be optioned:

Hell, the pajamas I have on right now are Saints branded:

Yes, I know what you are thinking, I am the NFL's wet dream with the amount of team merchandise I own, but believe me, being a Saints fan living in New Jersey, I like to wear my fandom literally on my sleeve.  And on game day, I suppose am superstitious enough to think that if others think I am not pulling my weight, then I should wear more.  I am going to wear the Manning jersey with the black pajama pants.  I have done my part, now it is Drew and the boys' turn to go out and win one on the road.

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Marcus said...

I'm not much of a football fan, but I'm a big Drew Brees fan. He shopped at the grocery store I worked at in San Diego during his rookie year, and he was always a really down to earth, humble-seeming guy. Always had a smile and a kind word or a thank you to say. The only NFL jersey I have is a Saints black #9, which I bought at the beginning of the season a few years ago. They won the Super Bowl that year. Pretty cool. Didn't like how he left SD, but glad he has done well for NOLA.

Haven't worn it for a while, but I wear my Kevin Kouzmanoff Padres jersey a few times a week after school gets out.