Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Fourth (Verse).

O Beautiful
 photo sportsbabes_zps38e2hisp.jpg

for patriot dream
 photo patriots3_zpsmgyosnhn.jpg

That sees beyond the years
 photo ruthyears_zpsvqqrfhkb.jpg

Thine alabaster cities gleam
 photo spa_zps85ch1y1l.jpg
 photo gallery_zpssvea7xcg.jpg

Undimmed by human tears!
 photo schmidt_zpslznldqw0.jpg

America! America!
 photo 40man_zpsdnzsuhvn.jpg

God shed His grace on thee
 photo grace_zpsgzcvhqex.jpg

And crown thy good with brotherhood
 photo niekro_zps9egxwdts.jpg

From sea to shining sea!
 photo scoreap_zpsfdbvthj3.jpg
 photo ds_zps3hob6egt.jpg
 photo cognac_zps2a7xxrqv.jpg


Robert said...

Fabulous pages Max! Happy 4th to you and your family!

Fuji said...

Amazing post! Hope you enjoyed a safe holiday weekend!

jacobmrley said...

Certainly better than JPP or that dude on the Buccaneers.