Monday, April 6, 2020

RIP Mr. Tiger.

Al Kaline 1934-2020

       I was having a very good day, since I have very little to do right now I decided to get high and sort baseball cards this afternoon (who said the lockdown is all bad?) But my good mood is ruined with the word that Al Kaline has died.
This is one of my favorite hall of famer pages; I love the symmetry.

You have to be pretty good to be Mr. *team here* and Kaline earned his Mister moniker with a great career spent all in Detroit.  He was the youngest batting champ in history, hit 399 homers (so close!), collected 3007 hits and went into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.  More than that, not only did he lead the Tigers to a World Series win in 1968 I literally have never heard anyone say a bad word about him as a man or a player.  My real issue is why he wasn't known as "Battery" or "Basic" to everyone?  Godspeed Al.


gcrl said...

sad news. like you, i've also spent my life as a baseball fan wondering how he avoided the "battery" nickname.

Chris said...

Your blog is the first place I heard this sad news. He was my 'pop's favorite player. RIP Mr. Tiger.

Nick said...

A sad day indeed. That page is an excellent tribute to a legend. RIP, Mr. Kaline.

Fuji said...

I saw this on ESPN yesterday afternoon and it definitely turned my day around for the worse. Thankfully he'll be remembered by all of these wonderful blog tributes and of course the baseball cards in our collections.