Thursday, May 7, 2020

We All Could Use A Reason To Smile.

      In a small adjoiner to my rambling post the other day about Julio Franco and his ancient record-setting home run, today is the four year anniversary of another old man home run mark set by one of the great elderly pitchers of recent time, Bartolo Colon.

Big Sexy put all his weight into this swing and became the oldest player to ever hit his first home run.  It is also one of the most joyous and unbelievable things I have ever seen. It's like watching Santa Claus win the lottery and give all the money away to orphans. If you have never seen it - or listened to Gary Cohen's amazing call - please do so now...

Wherever Bart may be right now, I hope he is laughing and enjoying a nice meal knowing he put a smile on my face today remembering that day.


Fuji said...

Never paid much attention to Colon until he came to Oakland. That's when I discovered that he's a rock star. He's the man! I hope Topps adds him to their Archives buyback signature checklist, because I'd love to own a signed A's card of him.

Matt said...

I don't remember the exact circumstances, but I recall he quit on the Red Sox rather than accept a bullpen job.