Sunday, November 11, 2012

Football Week 10: Veteran's Day.

       My grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonial in the army during WWII.  My uncle served in the navy during Korea and Vietnam.  My father was an airborne ranger in Vietnam.  My brother was a specialist in the army.  My sister was in the air force intelligence division.  My very close family friend was in the Marines and served in Afghanistan.  I would like to thank each and every one of them on this Veteran's Day for their service to our country.  I cannot express how proud of the members of my family that have been in the armed forces. 

       We just got over a rather nasty election where a lot of rhetoric got thrown around about what is important and what isn't, but without the men and women down in the trenches, all of that stuff is moot.  No matter what your opinion may be of our most recent wars, if you see a veteran of any of them today, thank them, salute them.  I told you this week I didn't care if you went out to vote, but I most certainly do care about our veterans and how you treat them.  They chose to serve and protect us to the best of their ability and they deserve our utmost respect.  I get to sit in my living room in my pajamas on a Sunday with two televisions playing at the same time watching football and talking about football cards on the internet because of them.

These are by far the most patriotic football cards I could find.  I always thought these were Upper Deck cards, but it turns out they are UD clones from 1992 by a company called AW.  I never heard of that company before and I have never seen anything else by them (lemme know if you have) but they seemed very appropriate for the day.  I believe they are a relic of the surge of patriotism from the first Iraq war.  It seems like a slight bit of overkill, but hey, the American flag is actually a pretty nifty piece of design, so I like it.  It helps that the pictures in this set are crisp and are cropped well to fit the smaller open area. 

In case I didn't bang it home enough in the opening paragraphs, I'd just like to say one more time, thank you vets!

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