Sunday, November 25, 2012

Football Week 12: Another Road Trip.

       Last January, the Saints were feeling very altruistic in the first quarter of their playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers and decided to spot them 17 points right off the bat by fumbling and generally not playing any defense.  Then remembering that this was not only a league game but a playoff game, the Saints ripped off 32 points in three quarters but it was not enough.  They fell to the Niners 36-32 in a wild, borderline insane game.  Needless to say, this game left a very bad taste in my mouth, so when the schedule came out this spring, I immediately circled the game as the one I wanted to get to in person. Now, I did have a serendipitous trip to New Orleans in October, when I saw the first win of the year.  But this is the one I have wanted from the beginning.  This is payback. 

I have a bunch of 49ers cards from the heyday of the team in the 80's and 90's.  I kinda want to burn them right now.
Here is a bunch of random Joe Montana cards.  I hope the Saints send whomever starts at QB for the Niners to a place where he can see John Candy too.

Montana was the first player honored as an Upper Deck Football Hero:
Now he shills for Sketchers on the most awkward commercials possible. 

Jerry Rice is one of, if not the greatest, wide receiver of all time:
He also lost on Dancing With The Stars and is one of the most unwatchable faces during all the ESPN football shows.
Rice never played a regular season game for the Broncos.  That is a marvelous zero year card.  That is a genuine Rice rookie card in the center there.  It also has a big ass crease across it.

Watching Steve Young on TV makes me sad:
Here is a man with a law degree, a 150 IQ, and one of the rarest commodities in sports commentating, common sense.  Watching him as the other talking heads bandy about banal nonsense is like watching Albert Einstein referee a cockfight.

I will be in my usual seat up in the Superdome, section 610 row 35 seat 24.  As you can probably tell from the high row number and section, they are not the best seats in the world, but trust me: they really are. Who Dat!

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