Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon.

Hey! Where have you been all afternoon?

I was at a baseball card show, Stella.

What's in those bags?  Is it food?  I love food!
 photo CAM00186_zps5a5fbb46.jpg
No, I told you, they're baseball cards...
 photo CAM00196_zpsffb76123.jpg
Are they delicious?  Can I have some?

No, these are not food - they are people toys.

Toys?!? Can I chew on them?

Um, no.

Fine then, I'll be over here.
 photo CAM00199_zps44898df6.jpg
Wake me when there is some food.  I love food, it's my favorite.
 photo CAM00202_zps27018bba.jpg
Okay, I promise I will wake you up after I sort these into their proper piles.  Then we can have dinner and I'll save my post about these cards for tomorrow.
 photo CAM00210_zpsd7bacafb.jpg
*sniff* *sniff* Are you sure I can't eat these?


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Stella is a cutie... and Fred just wants to tell her that of course baseball cards are edible... ( every dog knows that is it fits in your mouth, it's edible!! now digestible is a totally different story!!

Fuji said...

Awesome dog!

Stack22 said...

That a no-name Thomas? Out of curiosity, are those going for over/under $50 these days?

jacobmrley said...

That is a no-name Thomas from the "Cards Your Mom Threw Away" set from a couple years ago. It came at a steep price of 10 cents.