Thursday, June 19, 2014

While You Were Sleeping...

       Clayton Kershaw pitched the tidiest no hitter you will ever see.  He threw 107 pitches, struck out 15 and walked no one.  Hell, he only went to three balls on one batter; only Nolan Ryan struck out more batters in a no-no (he did that twice). 
 photo kershaw_zpsb7b0edfb.jpg
If not for a seventh inning error by Hanley Ramirez, this would have been a perfect game, maybe the perfectest game of all time.  I think Han-Ram owes Clayton a case of beer or something.  My other favorite little tidbit about this game?  Josh Beckett pitched a no hitter for LA 24 days ago and those 24 games are the shortest amount of time any team has gone between no hitters since...Johnny Vander Meer pitched his famous back-to-back no hitters in 1938. 


night owl said...

Fantastic factoid. I hope Kershaw can top that in his next outing.

jacobmrley said...

If he snaps that curveball off the way he did last night, ol' Johnny might be in trouble.