Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Last Trip to the Card Aisle For a While.

       This week got all messed up and never recovered.  I had Taco Tuesday on Monday, Spaghetti Wednesday on Tuesday, I saw an old friend on Wednesday making that Throwback Thursday and I ran all my Thursday errands on Friday.  I needed all weekend just to figure it all out.

My Thursday errands on Friday found me in Target and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't stay away from the card aisle.
 photo target0_zpsbd2f3874.jpg
I wasn't going to buy any more Archives but I remembered something this time that I had forgotten last time...
 photo target0r_zpsfa03281c.jpg
Coupons!  I still had my two coupon books from series one, which as you can see from above, included the hard-to-resist $5- off of series two.  Plus I got some Oreos because Oreos.  Sadly, these are the end of my coupons.

Let's take a look at what came in each of those boxes of series 2.  While I enjoyed the design of this year's Topps flagship, just about everything else underwhelms...
 photo target2_zps1c59e6c3.jpg
More of the inserts that I don't care much about.  More parallels, though instead of yellow they went with burnt orange, which will make for a very interesting look for anyone who decided to put together that set.  I got one Met in this box and one rookie cup.  I like that Mike Napoli and I have the same beard and I also got a Nelson Cruz to taunt me since the Mets could have signed him all winter and instead they got Chris Young.  Shoot me now. 

Box number two is more of the same...
 photo target3_zps42e825c6.jpg
Old faces in new places, one whole Met, same old inserts, and I got Target red parallels instead of burnt orange ones.  Since I am not building the set, I guess my enthusiasm is very muted.  Those Phillips and Reddick cards will have to supply my joy.  I do like the inclusion of the Saber Stars inserts - a little learnin' goes a long way.

If you are building series 2, drop me an email with your want list, I have about 100 base cards that would love to find a proper home.  Plus, any of the inserts you see are available as well.

My feelings about Topps Archives was pretty strong this year, I don't think I need to rehash.  Sadly, the packs didn't agree with me and gave me doubles of doubles I already had - those are, you know, triples.  If only I was an Astros fan.
 photo target1_zps68bd1d3b.jpg
I did get a current Mets player this time around and a few new faux-vintage players that I like.  I also was intrigued by the dusky sunset on that Andre Rienzo, you don't see that much on a baseball card.  I also pulled a retro Future Star of Ron Gant and a Major League movie card of Roger Dorn, but that is too little too late

Finally, here is a photo I promised in that Archives post:
 photo 50aebbde-f014-41fd-9aa3-e308dba54ce0_zps852b06a8.jpg
You'll find this picture has everything: the bottom of my aforementioned epic beard, my fancy new Reggie Jackson A's jersey, and my Reggie short print from Archives that matches the jersey perfectly.  If you squint hard enough, you can plainly see that Mr. October and I are practically twins.


Hackenbush said...

Nice jersey!

night owl said...

I was impressed with the coupons until I saw the jersey. Go, '70s, go.

I hope you didn't get those horrid watermelon Oreo's they're selling in Target these days. It seems all the bad ideas aren't coming from Topps.

Nick said...

I still need a bunch of Series 2 base and inserts if you'd like to work out a swap. My wants are listed here:

Feel free to email me at nickpecucci AT sbcglobal DOT net if you'd be interested. Thanks!

The Baseball Card Snob said...

The resemblance is uncanny