Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Fools?

       One of the crazy reasons my blogging has dried up recently is my building anxiety over having so many half-written posts.  Seems more and more, I scan some cards and start writing and for whatever reason(s), I just stop writing.  I don't think it is a mental block, per se, but the more it happens it seems, the easier it is to let happen.  The whole point of starting the blog was to have something simple to accomplish during the day and showcase my collection and writing and now, it would appear, like most things in my life, I am way way overthinking things.  It is a vicious cycle I am now trying to break.

Sitting amongst those 34 drafts are a variety of topics: trade posts, mailbags, clever over-the-top card commentary, design and brand analysis etc. But also, there are some very timely things like player debuts and retirements and the like whose time has come and gone.  You will probably never get to hear what I had to say about the sad goodbye tour of Mariano Rivera (too bad I never got around to Jeets either) or how my hopes and dreams for Travis d'Arnaud compare to the other Mets great catchers.  There are even some holiday themed posts that I could get around to (next year, of course) and I was reminded of one while reading Night Owl's post yesterday.  He misspelled a name - a rarity for a newspaper editor - one Sidd Finch.  I suppose he could be forgiven since Mr. Finch never really existed in the first place except in the mind of George Plimpton and his classic Sports Illustrated piece "The Curious Case of Sidd Finch."  All of this connects through an insert set from last year's Allen and Ginter called Curious Cases.  I remember seeing that set name before the product was released and thinking 'man, Sidd Finch had better be part of that.'  Unfortunately, the checklist is mostly conspiracy theory hokum and mystical mumbo jumbo.  I decided last March to rectify that with my first homemade original card:

While I am no cardboard Picasso (very few are), not to mention that this isn't exactly an original idea, I really like how the card turned out.  It is self evident that if there was anyone ever who needed to be in an insert set, it is Sidd Finch in Curious Cases.

So for whatever reason, I had this all ready to post for this last April Fools Day but never finished it.  And there it sat, a draft only really appropriate to post on one day of the year and I missed it.  But then today I thought, what better way to fool you fools than to post an April fools post as far from April fools as you can possibly get?  It is this kind of thinking that is gonna get that draft folder emptied in no time. 

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Fuji said...

Great card. You should submit the idea to Topps.