Sunday, October 26, 2014

Football '14 Week 8: One Last Chance.

       Well, I am on the road again.  I have spent the last few days here in New Orleans drinking too much and meeting celebrities and now, finally, it is game day. 
 photo 10744889_10205105744822487_1887762637_n_zpsf288e526.jpg
I am ready for a do-or-die game against the Packers on Sunday Night Football; I really will be waiting all day for Sunday Night...

You might look at that photo and wonder what is draped across my tickets...
 photo 10749518_10205105745222497_1346981850_n_zps75ddef29.jpg
Somehow, I forgot my lucky stadium day helmet (I blame leaving at 4am on Thursday).  So I had to improvise and yesterday I came across this glorious thing at the Black and Gold Shop in Metarie.  And I must say, it makes me look fabulous.  Besides, what fun is football without silly hats?

At 2-4, the Saints need this win in the worst way.  In a poor division, 9-7 could easily mean a playoff spot.  If they do find a way to blow this game as they have so many this season, I do have a back-up plan.
 photo 10735968_10205105746422527_1029983677_n_zpsf94cd4fe.jpg
I got a hatbox full of junk wax cards to go through (gotta love the antique shops in this town), which, after a drink or three, should yield some amusing results.  But I hope it doesn't come to that.  I want a dominating win followed by an evening of late night decadence.  Luckily in New Orleans, it is hard to tell the victory celebrations from the defeated drownings. 


Tony L. said...

You definitely got the win y'all needed.

I don't know how much time you got to spend talking to Alton Brown, but he is really a genuinely nice guy in my book.

jacobmrley said...

I got a minute or so to talk to Alton, told him all the usual "love your show" stuff, then joked that he could sign my arm and I could get it tattooed on my arm across the street. He laughed at that and we got the picture. He was great with not only me but everyone else I saw and considering he had just woken up and did this because he wanted to, you are correct in your assessment. Great great guy.