Wednesday, May 21, 2014


       A little while ago, I asked you fine readers for your opinion about what to do with these super thick, impossible-to-store-and-display 2014 Topps Rookie Cup All Star Relics.  The majority response was to go with the 8-pocket page and hope for the best.  Well, this is result and I must say, it is quite something:
 photo rcr8_zpsa3aa5b18.jpg
I love these insane cards but I have decided, against all my greater urges, not to try to complete the set.  I think these crazy eight will do just fine.  I bought eleven of the 25 before I changed my mind.  I flipped one for a cool Matt Harvey card (see yesterday's post) and relisted the other two to end the madness.  I am capable of making rational decisions once in a while.  I might, just might, make a page of the low numbered parallels with the vintage trophy on them.  This thought proves I am just as loony as ever. 


Tony L. said...

I think we'd both agree that the trade of the Braun Cup for the Harvey refractor was a good one for each of us!

Fuji said...

That page looks awesome! I might need to go out and find me an Ozzie.