Tuesday, July 10, 2012


       I wish I was 12 years old again.  While there is a plethora of reasons this statement is true, in this particular instance, it's because I would/could be excited about the All Star Game again.
1974 - 13 years before I was 12.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I am watching it right now, probably out of some rote Pavlovian response.  Believe me, if I had anything anything going on on this summer Tuesday evening, I would be doing it - and besides, listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver is punishment for felony crimes in some nations. Anyway, I guess in my experience, it would seem excitement for the All Star game peaked somewhere between ages 9 and 12 and just faded away after that.  Oh well.  What I am excited about is this:

Yes, that is a giant FU Bloomberg soda, two Beefy Nacho Burritos and two 2012 Allen and Ginter blasters.  I will have the game on, but I am infinitely more interested in the entertainment at hand.  More to come.


Hackenbush said...

I agree about the AS game. I'm also against "making it count for something". It is what it is (or should be), an exhibition game that brings together all the current stars in one place. If the players have fun the spectators probably will too. It's not as bad as the Pro Bowl but I could definitely live without it. That being said it's on the TV while I'm scanning cards and looking at other people's blogs.

night owl said...

Dude, if you think like a kid, and not as an adult, the All-Star Game still rocks.

Especially when the N.L. is up 5-0 after 1.

jacobmrley said...

@Hack, I don't mind the counting thing, it is as arbitrary as they used to do home field in the WS. And I do think the players have fun. I mean, come one, check out those shoes on Cabrera.

@Night Owl - While I certainly have no issue in thinking like a kid and not a grown up, I cannot feign childlike excitement. Once the magic is gone, it doesn't return. Plus, Joe Buck saps my will to live. Maybe MLB Network will consider broadcasting the All Star game in the future. Heck, even ESPN would be an improvement over Fox (as long as Chris Berman isn't involved, of course).