Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trade with Capewood's Collections.

       Seems some bloggers are getting their spring cleaning done a little late this year.  But hell, I don't mind if there is stuff in it for me.  Cliff over at the esteemed Capewood's Collections has been having a Summer Clearance Trade extravaganza.  He has been listing team lots (and some of the goodies therein) as up for grabs with the rejoinder that you send him some of his favorite teams in return: the Phillies and Astros.  This is a rather simple and elegant way of getting rid of cards you don't want and getting your hands on the ones that you do.  So I waited patiently for my Mets to come up and wouldn't you know it, when they did I pounced on them and got my boys in blue and orange.  Let's see what I got:
There was some of this year's stuff, which is always nice since I am not buying much new product (my post-birthday trip to Target not withstanding).  There were a bunch of cool David Wright cards that I didn't have. That Upper Deck X die cut is pretty sweet; those UDX die cut cards work as well as the base cards don't.  Plus there was a nice smattering of some vague old nineties stuff and even, impressively, a 1989 Upper Deck card that has somehow not made its way into my collection.  Actually, I think there are still two or three missing from that team set.  *sigh* This is yet another gap in my Mets stuff I should write down and put up on the wantlist.  Anyway, there was about 100 or so cards here and they were all appreciated...even the Jason Bay, though as I have stated before, he is dead to me. 

I saw a few days later that Cliff had previously listed the Expos and Nats as a combo lot and that there had been no takers.  I emailed him that I would double up my Phillies and Astros for him if that lot could make its way to me as well.  He happily agreed (and even threw in a couple more Mets he had laying around to boot):
I don't know where my soft spot for the Expos comes from. Maybe because they were never much of a threat to the Mets in their day. Maybe because that team was unreasonably ripped out of Montreal. Maybe because I just like old defunct teams in general. Maybe because they had sweet uniforms.  I am only speculating.  But between this lot and a previous one from Jaybarkerfan, I now have a shitload (it's an industry term) of excess Expos.  And such sweet cards they are.  I really do dig those handsome powder blue unis they wore.  I really do hope the Hall of Fame can see past their own stupidity and puts Tim Raines onto their hallowed walls.  Good stuff all around.  All that said, I am growing worried about their successors, the Nationals.  They have a strong young nucleus and will no doubt be a thorn in the side of the whole damn NL East for years to come.  That's not good for my Mets nor Cliff's Phillies (who can't seem to get out of their own way this year).  Anyway, I hope the cards I sent to Cliff were as entertaining as his lots were to me.  Thanks Cliff!

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capewood said...

Hi Max, glad you liked the cards. The great 2012 Summer Clearance Trade is nearly over. I'll be spending the rest of the summer and fall posting the great cards I got in return.