Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I wake up from my vacation this morning (OK, more like sober up) and I find that Ichiro is a GD Yankee?!?
A few thoughts went through my head.  First and foremost is, did they trade Ichiro to the Bronx for the proverbial two bags of balls as repayment for sending them the shredded arm of Michael Pineda?  Seems likely...
...secondly, they gave him #31 instead of his customary #51, does this mean they intend to retire the aforementioned #51 for Bernie Williams?  Does Bernie Williams merit having his number up on the wall with the likes of Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig and DiMaggio?  Or even Mattingly, Howard, and Guidry?  And lastly, during the press conference, Ichiro used a translator.  He has been in America for 11+ years now, why does he still need a translator?  I have seen him privately interviewed and he speaks English pretty well.  Man, I am out of it for a little while and the whole world goes mad.

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

You're not the only one. I'm a Yankee fan and didn't hear about it until this morning. Very strange, but with Gardner gone for the year, we can use a leadoff hitter, even if he is 38.